Intermediate Programmes

(Board of Intermediate, Telangana)

N.T.R. Junior College for Girls offers various intermediate courses, which the Board Of Intermediate of Telangana State duly recognizes. We prepare students to secure seats in Engineering, Medicine, BVSC, and Ag. B.SC. etc. through Telangana State conducted EAMCET, NEET, and IIT JEE programmes by providing a supportive, creative, and professional environment from which the students gain practical skills and experience to crack such exams. Weekly tests and term exams are conducted and evaluated by our qualified teachers.

Parallel to the academic line, for M.P.C., M.E.C., and C.E.C. students, CLAT ( Law) & Civils and I.P.M. (5-year integrated M.B.A.) Guidance is provided per the students’ choice. Weekly Tests are conducted and evaluated by our professional teachers, who observe and advise us to prepare for the competitive exams.

Courses Offered​


Along with IIT-JEE, EAMCET, CLAT & Civils Guidance and I.P.M.


Along with NEET Guidance


Along with CLAT, IIM-IPM & Civils Guidance


Along with CLAT, IIM-IPM & Civils Guidance