Mrs. Bhuvaneswari Nara​

Managing Trustee

I have always been inclined towards women empowerment, as I watched around me the struggles of womanhood. Women had to push through the denial of access to public spaces, education, dignity and the opportunity to grow into a fully developed human being. This is a problem that affects us all on a human level. One way to address it is through education. I believe education, awareness and work among the masses about these issues should be taken seriously for us to address these issues.

At NTR Educational Institutions we engage in this endeavour of women empowerment through education, as our Trust tries to raise awareness among people about the importance of educating a girl child. We, at the college, provide them with an excellent infrastructure, a faculty empathetic towards women experiences, and who’s committed to make women centric spaces in fields of developments. Our campus, is also one of harmony and greenery, situated in abundance of nature that provides holistic development to the students that doesn’t cut them off from nature. We also strive to establish an environment for them where there is an exposure to debating societies, yoga, NCC, sports, and arts societies. 

We have come quite far in women empowerment, yet much needs to be done, and NTR Educational Institutions is an endeavour in that direction to produce spaces that are occupied by women in leading positions and positions of various capacities that enrich the lived experience of women, give them their due dignity, and respect, and allow them to reach their fullest capacities. We shall continue our tireless efforts in this direction.