The College creates a balance between the curricular studies and extra-curricular activities for peaceful mind and confident personality by forming various societies and clubs. It allows many students to practice, improve and exhibit their skills in the areas of their choice.
The names of the clubs are as mentioned here with their areas of interest.

Prakriti – Organic Farming

Designed to involve students in Organic Farming with guidance from faculty. This enables the students to value hard work and nature’s gifts to us.

Interact – Guest Lecture Program

Interact is the society which organises lectures by eminent people. A Guest lecture program that enables direct interaction of the students with the person of eminence. The genuine interaction with the guests through questions and doubt clarification has proved helpful for many students in umpteen ways. Apart from receiving input and valuable information from eminent personalities students also gain an opportunity to emulate some of them as their role models.

Ever Outspoken – Debate Club

Ever Outspoken is a debate clubfor students who are actively involved to express their ideas and opinions freely. The club helps in improving their oratorical and polemical skills.

Horizon – Fine Arts

As the name suggests, the Fine Arts Society is the meeting point of experience and expression. Here students get the opportunity to practice, different kinds of art forms like drawing, painting, dance (classical & popular) etc.
With training and practice, students exhibit their talent.

In drawing and painting various types of arts like landscape, portraits, caricature, abstract, perspective and realistic, still life, spot sketching and handling of different mediums like graphite, charcoal, water colours, gauche, oils, acrylic, pastels of oil and dry are taught according to the desires and interests of student pupil.

Naadam – Music

Naadam is a club for music lovers and enthusiasts interested in learning music (vocal& instrumental). Training is given to the students with a flair for music by our qualified and experienced teachers.

Dhyanam – Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation are twin proven methods to bestow us with good physical and mental health. Peace and tranquillity of mind are an essential asset for human beings to move happily through their life. Hence, the College regularly conducts yoga classes andinvite eminent persons to teach spirituality. It is always better to learn yoga at a young age instead of beginning later.

Seva – Social Service

Social Services is a noble thought. N.T.R. Junior and Degree College desire to inculcate service nature and the qualities like compassion, caring, empathy, kindness etc, among students. It firmly believes that service to mankind is service to God.