For example, back in 2003, there was a massive power outage that affected the entire Northeast of Canada and the USA. Mind you, this doesn’t happen every day, and back in 2003, most people were not working from home. It’s been multiple years since the Covid-19 pandemic began, and millions have missed work because of the virus.

personal reasons to call out of work

Depending on the type of work you do, there can be times when it’s not possible to have your scheduled day off. There could be numerous reasons, such as covering for a coworker or your company being swamped with work. A personal issue or a family emergency is another acceptable excuse for not going to work. Your manager may want to know more about the crisis and ask you for some details.

ways to calm anxiety when you’re feeling anxious

We must remember that caregiving is important and deserves recognition as much as paid employment. Is there a backup babysitter or daycare center in the area that could help at short notice? It may also be worth considering adjusting your schedule slightly so that you can keep an eye on your child whilst still completing some of your work. Employees have to inform their manager about the unfortunate event. However, employees must tell their manager about the days they intend to take leave.

How do you call in sick without lying?

Though knowing your “illness” well can help you feel prepared, remember that people often embellish when they are lying. Whether you're calling off over the phone, email, or text, don't get too detailed––just say that you're not feeling well and won't be coming in.

After all, employees are human and will face challenges and unforeseen circumstances that make them miss work. However, any employer will negatively view taking off too many times from work. As an employee, you must be aware of the consequences and repercussions of tardy behavior at the workplace, as outlined in the company policy. You must know that frequent absenteeism makes you liable to face disciplinary action. There could be a situation where your manager points out that you are taking too many days off.

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Migraines are both painful and debilitating, affecting more than 16% of the population. If you suffer from chronic migraines, consult your health provider for a medical note. If you’ve been summoned for jury duty, you’re legally required to take time off work. I’m not feeling well this morning and need to use a sick day.

If you’re unable to travel now, that doesn’t mean you can’t take some time for rest, relaxation, and new experiences! Here are 35+ staycation ideas to rejuvenate without the hassle of air travel. There are a few different options for how you should notify your boss if you’re planning to miss work. For example, you might not have a texting relationship with your boss, or maybe email is not used for communication. However, if any or all of these methods work, you should know the pros and cons of each. If you have been arrested, you may have no choice but to tell your employer the truth about the situation.


For some, allergies only rear their ugly heads during certain times of the year or after exposure to certain substances. However, when they strike, they can leave you feeling miserable and unable to function at your best. From stuffy noses and itchy eyes to difficulty breathing, allergies can make it nearly impossible to focus on anything else. But, you informed your manager immediately that you could not work as you were unwell. Do not try to power yourself through work on a sick day, as your productivity will take a hit.

It’s a practice that challenges us to look inward at our experience, though it’s personal and unique to every individual. If you’re having trouble with your internet connection, remote work can feel just about impossible. But before you call out, see if you can get online using your cell phone’s hotspot or by going to a local cafe that has free WiFi.

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