It can also be a successful way to help them separate the disease and the actions it causes from their own personality and sense of self. Drugs and alcohol interfere with normal brain functioning. At some point, changes happen in the brain that can turn drug and alcohol abuse into addiction.

In many cases, insurance providers are required to cover treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) or addiction. First of all, ASKING FOR HELP is the the number one first step to getting the help you need. Sometimes bosses are willing to help defray some of the cost, but you wont know till you ask. Another option is that your insurance company may offer you benefits that you didn’t know you were covered for.

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Please donate today to help us save, support, and change lives. Emphasize that you care for the person and are worried about their well-being. Offer specific examples of your loved one’s drug-related behavior that have made you concerned—and be honest about your own feelings. Discovering someone you love has a drug problem can generate feelings of shock, fear, and anger, especially if it’s your child or teen who’s using. These strong emotions can make communicating with a drug user even more challenging.

how to help a loved one with addiction can't afford rehab

The team at Gateway will help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter during the process. There is a wide range of smartphone and tablet apps designed to help those in recovery or just starting the process. Look for programs, groups, or other resources in your own community. Loans are another method of paying for rehab that many individuals won’t be enthusiastic about. Still, just like asking a friend or family member for help, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you need to take out a loan.

Paying for Rehab with the Affordable Care Act

The person sentenced is required to pay for their treatment facility, but they can choose what facility they will attend. Insurance may pay for all or part of a treatment program, and some facilities offer reduced or subsidized payments for qualifying individuals. When it comes to jail and prison inmates and substance abuse after release, the statistics paint a grim picture. 95% of inmates consume alcohol or drugs soon after they leave jail, and between 60% and 80% of released inmates will go on to commit another drug-related crime. If you want to increase your chances of having a successful intervention with your loved one, try not to tip them off leading up to the date.

Inpatient addiction treatment is covered by Medicare Part A and out-of-pocket costs are the same as those for hospital stays. However, Medicare will only cover up to 190 days in a psychiatric hospital per lifetime.4 This rule does not apply to general hospitals. These are some general signs and symptoms that could indicate your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol. The exact symptoms they demonstrate will vary depending on their level of addiction, as well as the substances they choose to use.

Paying for Drug Rehab Without Insurance

All his relatives have distanced themselves from me I have zero support. I can’t speak to my family cz I just don’t wanna hear it! I kicked him out and I’ve just gotten lonelier and lonelier. My therapist I just feel (whether this is in my head or not) that I’m pathetic. So much easier said than done when u love someone so much. If assigning a legal guardian isn’t an option, yet affordability isn’t exactly the issue for you, bill prepayment may be an option.

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